'Pineapple Express'

By Todd Martens, Times Staff Writer The big rock ‘n’ roll movie theme is a bit of a lost art. Or is it an art at all? Huey Lewis has recorded the theme for “ Pineapple Express,” and director David Gordon Green recently talked to The Times about drawing inspiration from Ray Parker Jr.’s theme to “Ghostbuster’s.” Tapping Lewis, it seems, was done with a bit of nostalgic pride for the giant soundtracks of the '80s. Lewis himself has been drafted for the role before, having recorded “The Power of Love” and “Back in Time” for 1985’s “Back to the Future.” And his hiring for “Pineapple Express” came with distinct orders. Lewis told The Times, “They said, ‘We want a track called ‘Pineapple Express.’ I said, ‘Ooh. That’s going to be tough.’ They said, ‘It’s a kind of marijuana.’ I said, ‘Like Panama Red? No problem.’” Songs that overtly make reference to the film they’re in are increasingly becoming a rarity, save for the odd “Snakes on a Plane.” But while there’s no denying the catchiness of a song such as “Ghostbusters,” does it have a life outside the film, or is it little more than a novelty number? Not counting any James Bond films, here's a look back at some self-referential rock ‘n’ roll movie songs, to try to find an answer.
Darren Michaels / Associated Press
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