Martha Gellhorn

Browsing in a bookstore recently, I chanced upon a copy of "Travels With Myself and Another" by war correspondent Martha Gellhorn. It's about terrible trips she took, including a 1941 stint in China to cover the Sino-Japanese war for Collier's magazine. She went with a fellow writer, whom she dubbed "U.C.," for "Unwilling Companion." It wasn't until later that I realized U.C. was Ernest Hemingway, whom she met in 1936 in Key West, Fla., and married in 1940. Gellhorn would have loved my ignorance; she spent most of her life trying to escape Hemingway's long shadow. -- Susan Spano Read more: Getting to know an adventurer you wouldn't dare call 'Mrs. Hemingway' Upper photo: Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum in Key West, Fla. Lower photo credit: L.A. Library
Rob O'Neal / AFP / Getty Images
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