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Quicker than pizza delivery: Medical marijuana service aims to satisfy

Carlos and I are bombing around San Francisco in his 1999 Maxima, delivering marijuana to people who have ordered it from Eaze, a company that many have called the "Uber of cannabis." I had forgotten how fast 25-year-old guys like to drive.

But this is good, because Eaze boldly promises customers, all of whom must have medical marijuana cards, that they will receive their weed in 15 minutes or less.

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The new Fabio? Inside the too-hawt-to-handle world of a romance novel model

Cade Patterson grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. From afar, he has always carried a torch for Kara Knight, a fiery redheaded homecoming queen whose rich rancher daddy would never approve of Cade.

But now they're all grown up. She's a teacher; he's a lawman. They haven't seen each other in almost 10 years. And that's about to change.

Did I mention they are from Texas?

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At Claremont McKenna: Seeking a sweet spot between anger and forgiveness

On a spectacular afternoon this week, a junior named Nathaniel Tsai and I sat a rooftop deck at Claremont McKenna College. The leaves were turning, the San Gabriels had a light dusting of snow. There was hardly any sign that this idyllic place had become another outpost in the struggle for racial equality that's been roiling college campuses across the country.

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As El Niño looms, La Conchita residents say 'blue-collar affordability' makes landslides worth risking

When the rains are heavy, Mike and Barbara Bell don't sleep well. They get up to check their weather gauge. They peer at the water coursing past their home, searching for signs of mud. If the water is clear, they rest easy.

For that moment, at least, they don't have to worry about the mountain falling on La Conchita again.

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Not everyone in San Francisco loves the tech culture

I'm in the control room of Live 105, an alt-rock radio station near the Embarcadero, watching one in a long line of the city's colorful, and probably doomed, mayoral candidates make his pitch.

Stuart Schuffman, aka Broke-Ass Stuart, is a blogger, author of books on living frugally, and self-promoter par excellence.

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To protect their homes, Nipomo retirees are taking on an oil refinery

It's a well-trod path for many urban Californians: You hit retirement age, you start dreaming about living in the country, away from the noise, the traffic, the high cost of living.

You decamp from, say, your job as a real estate agent in Irvine, and settle into a new life on the Central Coast, in a house near the eucalyptus groves of the Nipomo Mesa.

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