At least nine people died when a fire raced through an Oakland warehouse crowded with people attending a Friday night concert, officials said. But officials said they are preparing for up to 40 fatalities,

Oakland fire officials said that there were other people still unaccounted for and that a search of the building was continuing.

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Owner of Oakland warehouse says no one lived in building, daughter says

The warehouse is owned by Chor N. Ng, said her daughter, Eva Ng, 36. She said the warehouse was leased as studio space for an art collective and not used as a dwelling.

"Nobody lived there," she told The Times, adding: "It was an art collective."

She said she had asked her leaseholders about the issue and been reassured nobody lived in the building. "They confirmed multiple times. They said sometimes some people worked through the night but that is all," she said.

The second floor had two exits, both reached by wooden stairs, she said, adding she believes it also had smoke detectors. She was not familiar with comments by fire officials that the stairs consisted of stacked packing crates.

Ng said her mother felt terrible about the tragedy.

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