Campaign donations

Citizens for Increased Voter Participation, which backed Charter Amendments 1 and 2, reported more than $172,000 in contributions on election day or one day later. That money represented more than 40% of the campaign's large donations through March 3.



$35,000          Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

$25,000          International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 18

$25,000          Jamison Services

$25,000          Gary Shafner

$15,000          Californians for Energy Independence, including Energy Producers

$15,000          J.H. Snyder Co.

$10,000          West Hollywood Properties

$10,000          International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 11

$5,000            Dart Container

$5,000            L.A. Transportation PAC

$2,500            Foster Interstate Media, Inc.

TOTAL: $172,500

Source: Los Angeles City Ethics Commission