For the record

Deputy shortage: In the May 31 Section A, a photo caption with an article about a shortage of Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies misidentified a deputy shouting orders at a recruit. He is Guillermo Martinez, not Guillermo Garcia.

Assisted suicide: An article in the June 5 Section A about the state Senate's approval of an assisted-suicide bill incorrectly reported that a similar measure had previously passed in the Assembly before being rejected by a Senate committee. The bill approved Thursday was the first to pass either legislative chamber.

Double pay: An article in the June 5 California section about action in the state Legislature incorrectly stated that a bill to require businesses to pay employees double for working on Thanksgiving, AB 67, was listed as a "job killer" by the California Chamber of Commerce. The chamber opposed the bill but did not list it as a job killer.

San Diego "rainmaker" case: An article in the June 1 California section about San Diego's hiring in 1915 of "rainmaker" Charles Hatfield was accompanied by a historic photo of Hatfield on the ladder of a 20-foot tower, which was identified as one he had built east of San Diego. He did build such a tower for San Diego, aimed at "wringing moisture from the air"; however, the photo was of another tower, in Coalinga, Calif., in 1924.

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