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Bruce V. Malkenhorst vs. Vernon

Vernon's former city administrator, Bruce V. Malkenhorst, 78, is suing the city to restore all of what would be California's largest pension -- more than $500,000 a year. Malkenhorst left the post in 2005 after prosecutors charged him with corruption. At the time, the city kept under wraps a damning internal investigative report on Malkenhorst's expenses -- including golf, massages and gifts for family and friends. Now the city is releasing the report. In 2002, when Malkenhorst came under scrutiny, Los Angeles Times reporters and a photographer followed him on randomly chosen days, during which his work hours at City Hall sometimes seemed abbreviated and he often traveled in a limousine. Read more: Lawsuit prompts Vernon to open secret report on former administrator
Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times
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