Election Central: California votes

  • Did Villaraigosa's margin of victory hurt gubernatorial ambitions?

    Did Villaraigosa's margin of victory hurt gubernatorial ambitions?

    The L.A. mayor was reelected to a second term with 55.6% of the vote. Some political observers think he needed a higher percentage to give him momentum for a 2010 race.

  • Villaraigosa's win might not be a victory

    Is it possible to win an election and still come off as a loser? I think Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has just answered that question in the affirmative. He barely got a majority of the vote Tuesday, despite facing nine relative nobodies and spending 15 times as much money as the No....

  • L.A. election to decide mayor, council races

    Voters will also weigh a solar energy initiative, and select a city attorney, city controller and three school board members.

  • Long-shot L.A. municipal candidates depend on Internet

    Many of the candidates have websites, which they use to introduce themselves to voters, post homemade campaign commercials and solicit contributions, with little success, judging by finance reports.

  • Race for L.A. city controller gets ugly

    In last-minute ads, candidate Wendy Greuel attacks opponent Nick Patsaouras for late tax payments and his management of a bank, while he mocks her for attacking government programs she supported.

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