L.A. County declares state of emergency after Mt. Baldy mudslides

L.A. County Board of Supervisors declares a state of emergency after mudslides in Mt. Baldy area

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors declared a state of emergency Tuesday for the Mt. Baldy area, which is recovering from an severe thunderstorm that killed one motorist and caused millions of dollars in damage.

The motion waives any regulations that could slow recovery efforts and makes the community eligible to receive state and federal disaster relief assistance. The damaged area also includes parts of San Bernardino County.

The thunderstorm Sunday was one of the worst in the area's history, dumping several inches of rain on Mt. Baldy and surrounding communities within a few hours. Floods, gumball-sized hail and mudslides up to 10-feet tall toppled telephone poles, clogged roads, overturned a car and stranded thousands of residents.

The dead motorist, identified as Joo Hwan Lee, 48, of El Segundo, was the only fatality. He died Sunday when his car slid off a mountain road into a creek.

Officials estimate the storm caused several million dollars in damage. Ten to 15 homes were severely damaged, and six homes were declared unsafe and red-tagged.

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