Teen tweets about chicken 'brain' in his KFC, gets his 4 bucks back

Is that a brain in my KFC bucket? Teen tweets what he finds

A Northern California high school student was eating lunch at KFC when he came across, alongside his chicken breast, thigh and corn, what he thought was the fowl's brain. 

So he speared the squiggly looking, pinkish mass on his fork and did what teens do: tweeted it.

"I do eat there often," Manuel Cobarubies said of the KFC on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Stockton. "So I mean coming across something like that is just like, wow.”

The Stockton High student's message was retweeted more than 200 times.

After the tweet, Cobarubies said, KFC contacted him with an apology, but what he really wanted was "what I paid for my meal because, I mean, my meal didn't sit too well with me. I think that might be it."

That'll be $4, please.

After Sacramento TV station Fox40 tweeted at KFC and called the fast food company's corporate headquarters, Cobarubies did get his money back. And he spoke to Richard Ramos, an area consultant for KFC, who said the organ wasn't a brain at all.

It was a kidney. Or a gizzard maybe. Either way, it was safe to eat.

Cobarubies said he will probably start packing his own lunches instead.

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