Sister of one of Bryan Stow's attackers testifies in civil trial

Sister of one of Bryan Stow's attackers testifies in civil trial
Louie Sanchez, who got eight years in prison for the attack on Bryan Stow, at a February court appearance. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

Just before he helped beat Bryan Stow unconscious at Dodger Stadium, Louie Sanchez struck at least one other San Francisco Giants fan in the parking lot, an eyewitness testified Monday.

Sanchez appeared drunk and smelled of marijuana on March 31, 2011, as he yelled profanities at a group of men who appeared to be in their early 20s and then initiated a fight, said eyewitness Anamaria Davila.


"They were scared, they kept trying to back away," she said at the civil trial that accuses the Los Angeles Dodgers and former owner Frank McCourt of negligence in Stow's attack. "They had their hands up telling people they didn't want any trouble."

Afterward, Sanchez attempted to give Davila a high-five.

"He almost hit my face and said, 'That's how we do it.'"

"I said, 'That's how we do what?'"

"He said, 'That's how we represent Dodgers.'"

Later, Davila said, Stow and several other men sporting Giants gear appeared and that Sanchez again yelled profanities and became aggressive. A woman standing near Sanchez then yelled, "They're talking smack!"

That's when Sanchez and his friend Marvin Norwood ran after Stow, Davila testified. A few minutes later the men ran back and ordered the woman to start the car. Both men would later plead guilty to assaulting Stow.

"They were just out of breath," Davila said. "They were, like, hyped up."

By that time, Sanchez had consumed five to 10 beers said his sister, who drove the getaway car.

Engaged to Norwood, with whom she also has a child, Dorene Sanchez was arrested in connection with Stow's beating but never charged after she began cooperating with prosecutors.

Still, just as it did in the preliminary hearings for the criminal case, Dorene Sanchez's testimony appeared to downplay her brother's actions.

When Louie Sanchez yelled expletives about Giants fans during the game, he was going along with the chants of other attendees and an "energetic" crowd, she said.

When he threw peanuts at Giants fans, he was being "playful," she said.

When he got caught up in a confrontation with Stow and his friends, "Louie was trying to defend himself," she said.


Dorene Sanchez said she never saw the physical fight that occurred afterward and waited by her car along with her nephew. Louie Sanchez and Norwood had been gone for several minutes when they returned, winded.

"They were out of shape," she added, laughing.

"Marvin just told me, 'Babe, drive.'"

Dorene Sanchez said she drove her white Acura out of the parking lot and didn't ask what happened. Louie Sanchez told his son not to tell his mom, she said. She noticed that Norwood had blood on his hand.

Afterward, the group met Sanchez's parents for dinner at a Chinese restaurant.