1-year-old boy survives 25-foot plunge down waterfall after being swept away by fast-moving waters

A 1-year-old boy survived a 25-foot drop down a waterfall near Lake Arrowhead after he was swept away in a creek’s fast-moving waters on Sunday, San Bernardino County sheriff’s rescuers said.

The boy fell down Aztec Falls after 2 p.m. Sunday while he was being carried across Deep Creek by a family member, said Cpl. Michael Gilley.

Relatives didn’t see the boy emerge from the water at the bottom for several minutes and thought the worst, Gilley said. But when emergency responders arrived and airlifted him to a nearby hospital he turned out to be fine, Gilley said.

“When we fly people out of there it’s usually not good,” Gilley said, noting that the falls are a popular diving spot. “But actually for this little guy going over, he took it pretty good.”

The creek is deeper and its waters moving faster than in previous years due to the snowpack in the San Bernardino Mountains.


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This article previously reported the incident took place in the Sierra Nevada. It was in the San Bernardino Mountains.
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