California by any other name? 10 words to describe the Golden State

How would you describe California in one word? And other headlines from around the web

How would you describe California in a word? Reddit users were asked to choose a word that would describe each state in America. It should be no surprise that “technology” and “expensive” came to mind for many readers when they thought of California.

SF Gate has a round-up of the top 10 words.

Here are other California headlines from around the Web:

-- "Dr. George" Fischbeck was a staple of KABC-TV for almost 20 years. With his bow tie and enthusiastic personality, Fischbeck delivered the weather -- and anything else he thought worth mentioning. “He made us think. He made us better,” according to a former reporter at ABC 7.

-- California’s 2018 gubernatorial race is on. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom has already announced his campaign, and now former L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is popping up around the state. Sacramento Bee

-- Would the state have greater voter participation if Californians were automatically registered to vote? Secretary of State Alex Padilla is exploring legislation that would boost the voter rolls. Sacramento Bee

-- A widow who lost her wife to cancer has videotaped a message expressing her support for a state proposal that would allow terminally ill patients to end their lives. Deborah Reuter-Zsarko describes her late wife’s pain and how it could have been curtailed by physician-assisted suicide. KPCC

-- The Century (105) Freeway has a fascinating history that combines housing, pollution and civil rights. It forever changed the way Southern California builds freeways. Long Reads

-- Bees may have killed three Australian shepherd dogs in Santa Ana. Officers with Animal Services found a shed with a large hive in a neighbor’s yard. KTLA

-- Los Angeles has long had a fascination with castles, and now one illustrator is highlighting those distinctive buildings. Curbed LA

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