Santa Monica approves e-smoking restrictions

Santa Monica council approves e-cigarette rules that follow cigarette restrictions

The Santa Monica City Council unanimously approved an ordinance Tuesday that will restrict the use of electronic smoking devices, or e-cigarettes, in the same way as traditional cigarettes. 

The City Council’s final decision came after months of discussion and research into the potential effects of e-cigarettes. The Santa Monica ordinance also follows similar ordinances adopted in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills earlier this year.   

Under Santa Monica’s ordinance, vaping will be treated just like traditional cigarette smoking. Selling e-cigarettes to minors will be prohibited. Vaping will be prohibited in public spaces, and vapor retailers will have to obtain a tobacco license. Vapor bars will be prohibited from allowing in-store smoking.

Exemptions were granted to the city's two existing vapor bars, Fix Vapor on Main Street and Vapor Delight on Lincoln Boulevard. In-store vaping will be allowed if the facilities have adequate ventilation systems. 

The new regulations will take effect Nov. 13, said Adam Radinsky, head of the city’s Consumer Protection Unit. 


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