Horsing around at the beach


spotted a puddle in an empty parking lot near Pacific Palisades -- a rare sight on the Westside -- she could think of only one thing: grabbing some costumes, balloons and have a fun photo shoot with her daughters.

When composing this image, Buck placed her daughter in the center of the frame to give symmetry to the scene.


She chose primary colors for the balloons to contrast the bright backdrop of the sky.

"It was an extremely windy day. You can see the movement in the water and the balloons just went out in a straight line," she said. "This was such a great location."

While the wacky family did receive some looks from gridlocked drivers on PCH, joggers and other pedestrians did not seem to bat an eye. According to Buck, that's "all normal for Los Angeles."

Buck made this image on March 3 using a Canon 5D Mk III with a 24-70 mm f/2.8L lens.

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