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Here's a quick cheat sheet for using our new navigation:

Find a section

To get started, click or tap on the "hamburger" icon on the top left of the site to view the drop-down menu with the site's main sections.

If you want to go to a main section, such as Sports, click or tap on its name to load it.

If you're looking for a subsection of the site, click or tap on the arrow next to the main section, and you'll see a drop-down menu of the subsections. Click or tap on the name of the subsection to load it.

The navigation stays at the top of each page on the site, which means that you will need to scroll up to access it if you have scrolled down far enough for it to disappear from view.


To search for an article that you can't find through the menu, click or tap on the magnifying glass icon to bring up the search bar. Type in your search query, and click or tap the Search button. (Hint: Keywords might yield better results than headlines, because print and digital headlines are often different.)

Help and feedback

If you're still having difficulty finding a section or blog, please refer to our site map.

If you need help with the navigation, please send your questions or feedback to us via our contact form.