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While Congress dithers, Islamic State advances

To the editor: Islamic State is recognized as an evil organization. This weekend, a video was released apparently showing its fighters beheading another 21 innocent men. ("Islamic State beheads Egyptian Christians in Libya; U.S. condemns killings," Feb. 15)

Congress is still debating whether the U.S. action against Islamic State should last more or less than three years, and what should constitute the end of the war. Hence, nothing is happening.

Meanwhile, Islamic State recently seized another Iraqi town. It has no Congress to tell its fighters what not to do.

Maybe Islamic State realizes that our elected representatives are more concerned about their own political posturing than taking action. Maybe they think that our elected representatives do not recognize the danger of Islamic State. Maybe they think our elected representatives are incompetent.

Maybe they are right.

George Brody, San Clemente


To the editor: Is the American public so fatigued of warfare that we're actually sitting back in some stunned stupor and simply watching Islamic State spread from continent to continent? It sure looks like that.

There is no political solution to Islamic State. It has to be pulled out at the root.

Islamic State needs to be removed from the planet. Period.

Richard Vaczy, New York

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