Bill Clinton says Obama is an 'establishment' candidate

Bill Clinton, who carried Nevada in two presidential elections, trumpeted his wife's accomplishments Tuesday while painting Sen. Barack Obama as the "establishment" candidate who would bring only the "feeling of change."

"One candidate says you should vote for me because I've not been involved at all in the struggles of the past and therefore we need to turn over a new leaf and [try] something absolutely new. And if you want the feeling of change, then that is the person you should support," Clinton said in a 75-minute speech to about 300 people in a YMCA gymnasium.

"The other candidate says vote for me because I spent a lifetime making change, raising hopes and fulfilling dreams for other people," he said about Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In a speech to about 2,000 people in neighboring Reno on Monday, Obama portrayed himself as the candidate for change.

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