Grace Lee Boggs: Words of wisdom from 70 years of activism

Grace Lee Boggs, a prominent activist who was involved in the labor, civil rights, black power, women's rights and environmental justice movements during her seven decades as an organizer, died Monday at her home in Detroit.

The daughter of Chinese immigrants who spent most of her adult life community-building in the city, Boggs was known for her love of meeting and teaching young people.

She was also known for her highly quotable pearls of wisdom. Here are just a few:

From the 2013 PBS documentary that chronicled her life

(Ryan Garza / Associated Press)

Watch the full documentary here.

(LeeLee Films)

(LeeLee Films)

In an interview at her Detroit home in 2003

(The Grace Lee Project / LeeLee Films)

Read the full interview here.

At a 2012 talk she gave with former Black Panther Angela Davis

(LeeLee Films)

Read a transcript of the conversation between Davis and Boggs here.

In a 2010 interview

(LeeLee Films)

Watch the interview here.

In her 2011 book about activism in the 21st century

(LeeLee Films)

Read excerpts of Boggs' book here.

In a 2007 television interview

(Amy Leang / Associated Press)

Watch the interview here.

Want more? Read Boggs' obituary, and see the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center's roundup of 100 quotes.

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