Jodi Arias to jury: Let her live, she'd start a recycling program

PHOENIX — Jodi Arias told a jury Tuesday that she would contribute to society if allowed to live, saying she'd like to start literacy and recycling programs in prison.

Arias addressed the jury as part of the penalty phase of her trial in which the panel is considering whether to sentence her to life in prison or execution for killing one-time boyfriend Travis Alexander.

She also told the jury she never meant to cause Alexander's family so much pain.

Arias, whose trial began Jan. 2, was convicted two weeks ago of first-degree murder in Alexander's death.

With Alexander's family looking on in the gallery, Arias' voice wavered with emotion Tuesday as she read from a sheet of paper. She said she didn't kill herself after Alexander's death because of her love for her own family.

Holding up a white T-shirt with the word “survivor” written across it, Arias said she would sell the clothing and donate all proceeds to victims of domestic abuse.

She said she understands that some people don't believe she was a victim of domestic abuse, but that she still sees that to be true.

She showed the jury a picture of her best friend and said she didn't testify on her behalf because she received threats.

Her lawyers have said Arias is the only witness they'll call to testify on her behalf.

The judge instructed jurors they can consider a handful of factors when deciding what sentence to recommend, including the fact that Arias has no previous criminal record.


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