Live commentary: Reactions to Obama's State of the Union speech

Bringing to rest days of speculation about the contents of his

State of the Union


President Obama

will deliver his speech Tuesday night, leaving room for supporters, opponents and pundits to weigh in on every word.

Joining in the commentary will be The Times’ Opinion section, tweeting their reactions to Obama’s speech as it happens in a stream housed below. Join Jon Healey, Doyle McManus, Jonah Goldberg, Michael McGough and the rest of the opinion crew as they examine the first State of the Union of Obama’s second term.

In addition, Politics Now contributors Michael A. Memoli, Lisa Mascaro, Seema Mehta and Maeve Reston will contribute their analysis.

Excerpts released by the

White House

prior to the speech offered few specifics beyond a call for not a larger government but “a smarter government that sets priorities and invests in broad-based growth.”

The two Republicans voicing their response to Obama’s speech, Sen.

Marco Rubio

of Florida,

, and Sen.

Rand Paul

of Kentucky,

, have also offered early previews of their remarks.

Follow along with the feed below, watch a live stream of Obama’s remarks, and

as the latest reactions to the State of the Union arrive.