Inside the Pawlenty haul: 3 states boost GOP hopeful's coffers

Tim Pawlenty

's presidential campaign raised $4.3 million and spent nearly $2.5 million in the second quarter of the year, according to campaign finance reports filed with the

Federal Election Commission


More than $2 million of the former


governor's haul came from three states: $1.06 million from Minnesota, $669,400 from


and $418,340 from



Last month,

that senior advisors to the campaign were going without pay, suggesting that Pawlenty was struggling on the fundraising front. The campaign spent nearly $600,000, however, on payroll expenses to employ about three dozen staff members, and added staff throughout the quarter.

The detailed expense records provide a window into the habits of each campaign – favored restaurants, hotels, airlines and banks.

Food-wise, the Palwenty campaign appears to prefer


, Quiznos and


. Delta is the favored airline; Hilton the preferred hotel.

The campaign also spent $7 at a Godfather's Pizza shop in Winterset,


. The pizza chain was once run by Republican presidential candidate

Herman Cain


Pawlenty raised an additional $116,000 in the days before the start of the second quarter.