Large donors help fuel Mitt Romney's fundraising

Mitt Romney headed into the third financial quarter of the year with $12.7 million cash on hand after raising $18.3 million in the past three months. 

Romney relied heavily on large-dollar donors: Just 6% of individual contributions came in amounts of $200 or less. About $517,000 was collected by six bundlers, the campaign revealed in a list posted to the Federal Elections Commission website. 

The former Massachusetts governor’s second-quarter haul is considerably less than the $30 to $50 million his supporters had floated as a goal earlier this year, but still many millions more than the rest of the Republican contenders.

The campaign spent $5.6 million, including about $750,000 on payroll costs and $500,000 on travel. 

Romney established himself as the fundraising frontrunner of the GOP field in mid-May, when he staged a highly choreographed telethon at the Las Vegas Convention Center. That week, the campaign spent more than $300,000 in Las Vegas on hotels, food and other event-related expenses, according to campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission Friday afternoon. 

About $6 million of Romney’s haul came from three states: California ($2.4 million), New York ($2.1 million) and Florida ($1.5 million).


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