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Clinton staffer wondered: 'Can we survive not answering questions from press'

 (Charles Dharapak / Associated Press)
(Charles Dharapak / Associated Press)

Shortly after Hillary Clinton declared her candidacy, her aides pondered how long they could go avoiding reporters' questions at campaign events, according to emails released Wednesday by Wikileaks.

"Can we survive not answering questions from press at message events," asked top aide Huma Abedin in a May 2015 email to the campaign's chairman, John Podesta. 

Clinton's apparent concern was not having her message on issues such as immigration be overshadowed by questions she might receive from reporters at events. 

In recent days, WikiLeaks has released hundreds of internal emails it claims are from the Clinton campaign, highlighting conversations among her closest aides.

The campaign has refused to confirm or deny the authenticity of the emails, which it says were hacked by the Russian government in an attempt to help GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Podesta was blunt in his response to Abedin.

"If she [Clinton] thinks we can get to Labor Day without taking press questions, I think that's suicidal," he wrote in May 2015. "We have to find some mechanism to let the stream out of the pressure cooker."

A year later, Clinton was being hounded by the media and Republicans for rarely holding news conferences. 

Clinton went 275 days without holding a formal news conference until breaking the streak in September, based on a tally by the Hill. 

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