Donald Trump and Mike Pence are making their first appearance together as running mates

  • Trump and Pence appear together in Manhattan
  • Pence on Fox News offers unyielding support of Trump's plans for a border wall and ban on Muslims
  • Hillary Clinton and Democratic National Committee raise $82 million

  • The Democratic convention speakers are out, and one big name is missing

Donald Trump's new campaign logo was mocked so much that it got quickly replaced

Has the much-mocked Donald Trump-Mike Pence campaign logo been reimagined? On Friday, the Trump team released a logo touting the vice-presidential pick. But some observers noted that the interlocking letters of the design were inadvertently suggestive.

Another new logo debuted early Saturday atop a fundraising missive sent during Trump's introduction of Pence as his running mate. The redesign is more straightforward, providing less fodder for bawdy jokesters:

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