Donald Trump's 2nd Amendment comments have critics saying he was suggesting Hillary Clinton could get shot.

Ryan says Trump ought to clarify 2nd Amendment comment

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Tuesday he hoped Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would clarify his comments about the 2nd Amendment that some perceived as an incitement to violence against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

"It sounds like just a joke gone bad. I hope he clears it up very quickly," Ryan told reporters after he handily won his House primary. "You should never joke about something like that."

Ryan said he had been busy on primary day and had not heard the comment but knew about it. Earlier Tuesday, Trump caused an uproar when he said there might be something supporters of gun rights could do to stop Clinton from naming Supreme Court justices.

Ryan stood by his support of Trump, saying the GOP nominee would be more receptive to House Republicans' policy agenda than Clinton would be.

But in his remarks celebrating his landslide victory over insurgent challenger Paul Nehlen, Ryan also called for leadership that unites rather than divides the nation. He spoke out against preying upon Americans' uncertainty, echoing criticism of Trump's campaign from Democrats and an increasing number of Republicans.

"In times as uncertain as these, it is easy to resort to division. It's simple to prey on people's fears. That stuff sells, but it doesn't stick," Ryan said. "It doesn't last. Most of all, it doesn't work."

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