Donald Trump's 2nd Amendment comments have critics saying he was suggesting Hillary Clinton could get shot.

Zika virus spreads to presidential politics

As the Zika virus spreads, its impact on the presidential race is also growing.

Hillary Clinton took up the cause Tuesday in the crucial swing state of Florida, which has been hit so hard by the virus that the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued an unprecedented domestic travel warning, urging pregnant women to avoid a section of Miami.

It was in a health clinic inside that “hot zone” that Clinton joined other Democrats in calling for Congress to return from recess to approve a $1.9-billion emergency funding measure that stalled late last month.

The Zika bill failed after Republicans inserted provisions that would have cut funding for Planned Parenthood and other health services, prompting Democrats to withhold their votes. That has left politicians to face angry voters in Florida. Democrats, who stand ready to approve the funding if the extra provisions are stripped from the bill, are confident swing voters are angrier with Republicans.

“I am very disappointed the Congress went on recess before actually agreeing on what they would do to put the resources into this fight,” said Clinton, who spoke about Zika the same day health officials in Texas reported a baby there had died from the virus.  “This is a serious challenge.”

Donald Trump has said little about the funding controversy, suggesting last week that Florida has the Zika fight under control. Soon after, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, said the federal government has not provided his state the resources it needs.

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