U2 was playing "Sunday Bloody Sunday" on the Crown Vic's stereo. Spec. Fusilier says he and his colleagues have seen a lot of disturbing stuff while assisting the New Orleans police down here: a lot of property crimes, some homicides, and something he calls "suspicious activity."

"The thing that upsets me a lot is seeing these people out on the streets-they say they don't have anything but they do," he says. And if they are in dire straits, he adds, "They're not motivated to do something about it."

He adds that this is the most urban environment he's ever worked in, he says — "besides my deployment to Iraq."

More scenes from the Iberville housing project
6:10 p.m.
Iberville housing projects, Fourth Ward

On the ground in the Iberville, around one stoop:

An Urban Outfitters price tag

A sheet of loose-leaf notebook paper, blank

A Rice Krispies Treat wrapper

A used Kleenex

An empty 30 cent pack of Doublemint gum

A dark chocolate bonbon with strawberry cream filling, crushed and swarmed by ants

A red plastic coffee stirrer

A McDonald's cheeseburger wrapper

A wrapper for a Middleton's Black & Mild cigar

A Styrofoam cup