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Dust-Up: Election week '08

All week, Dan Schnur and Bruce E. Cain look back at the presidential race and analyze national and local elections results.

  • The Obama-McCain miracle

    Both candidates were once clawing for political life just to win their own party's nomination. How did they get this far? Dan Schnur and Bruce E. Cain discuss.

  • Is there any hope for the GOP?

    Bruce E. Cain says demographic trends and a poor record of governance spell long-term trouble for the Republican Party. Dan Schnur says the challenge for Democrats is to avoid alienating moderate voters who supported Obama.

  • What Obama's win means for politics and America

    Dan Schnur says he's never seen so much exhilaration over a president-elect. Bruce E. Cain says Americans rejected Rovism and put the GOP at a pivotal moment in its history.

  • Why voters are showing up

    Bruce E. Cain says the Democratic base was riled up well before Obama's campaign began. Dan Schnur says not even prominent Republicans showed much enthusiasm for McCain.

  • What caused McCain's poll numbers to fall?

    Dan Schnur says that the race was essentially tied before the Wall Street meltdown badly hurt McCain's chances. Bruce E. Cain says he originally overestimated McCain's ability as a candidate.