The final campaign stretch

Reason magazine editor Matt Welch and USC law and political science professor Kareem Crayton debate election politics as Barack Obama and John McCain head into the final month of their campaigns.

  • You be the campaign manager

    You be the campaign manager

    Matt Welch says McCain needs to channel his former straight-talking maverick. Kareem Crayton wants the candidates to stand before Congress and the public for a British Parliament-style grilling.

  • Obama and the 'Bradley effect'

    Obama and the 'Bradley effect'

    Kareem Crayton says Barack Obama has a good shot at victory despite any effects of latent racism. Matt Welch says conditions are ripe for a black candidate to get just as much or more support than polls suggest.

  • How desperate is McCain?

    How desperate is McCain?

    Matt Welch says only a domestic act of terrorism could boost McCain out of second-place status. Kareem Crayton says McCain squandered several chances to close the door on Barack Obama.

  • Campaigning in a changing nation

    Campaigning in a changing nation

    Kareem Crayton says Obama is competing in traditionally GOP states that have grown more diverse and ideologically complex. Matt Welch is more skeptical that Obama’s candidacy represents a turning point in presidential politics.

  • Obama or McCain: Who's performing better?

    Obama or McCain: Who's performing better?

    Matt Welch says the campaign has provided little substance but plenty of political entertainment. Kareem Crayton says the unusually long election season can be blamed for much of the gimmickry in this campaign.

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