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Letters: Paris shows the way on bike races

Re "Night bike race takes a spill," Editorial, March 7

For perhaps 20 years now, Paris has routinely allowed organized bicycle and roller-blading cruises without paralyzing the city for hours each time.

Depending on weather, there are between a few hundred to several thousand participants. The routes are posted online. Each departure is led by motorcycle police officers who progressively block the intersections ahead of the pack; they are relieved by the organizers of the race wearing fluorescent vests, allowing for a brief blocking of the intersections along the route. The organizers are volunteers; there is no fee to enter the ride.

There are problems with the traditional predawn bike race along the L.A. Marathon route, but there are solutions.

It seems that City Hall bureaucracy is spending more energy listing problems than finding a solution.

Jean-Claude Demirdjian

Los Angeles


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