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Read this quick: Ted Cruz is talking until he can no longer stand

Ted Cruz took the Senate floor Tuesday at 2:41 p.m. Eastern time to talk about Obamacare, and he vowed to speak until he could no longer stand.

So I guess the Senate is on “Cruz control” for awhile.

But I know I also speak for most of the nation when I ask: Just how long can Cruz talk before he falls down? (I also want to know if he’s wearing one of those astronaut diapers, but probably that’s just the nosy journalist in me and not something the rest of the country is interested in.)

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Or, as one office wag said, there are a lot of people who can’t stand him already.

(Sorry, this post may be a little disjointed, but I've got to write it fast; not that I doubt Cruz, but really, who knows how long he's good for?)

Now, over on the National Journal website, they’re actually tracking what Cruz says. Obviously, it’s what’s called a “slow news day” over there; either that, or unlike this place, they are vastly overstaffed.

I also tried Fox News, figuring they, of all folks, would be carrying the Cruzfest live and in full, but apparently even the Foxies know a ratings killer when they see one.

I’m sure that Jonah Goldberg is tuned in; in Tuesday’s Times, he argued in an Op-Ed that Cruz is a lot like Barack Obama -- except that Cruz is a Republican and so is right about everything, naturally. Probably the column cheered Cruz, who isn’t used to having Republicans like him.

Anyway, being a Texan, Cruz already has a high bar to beat when it comes to filibusters. Recall that Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis spoke for 11 hours against a proposed abortion law in June.

Of course, the real fun might come if Cruz really does talk until he drops. Would Mitch McConnell catch him if he falls? Would Harry Reid, in the spirit of bipartisanship?

And then there would be the question of medical care.

Here, though, Cruz is lucky.

Unlike many of the Americans he’s trying to hurt with his little “defund Obamacare” stunt, he has a good health plan. Courtesy of the American taxpayer.


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