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Give Garcetti credit for his work on social justice

To the editor: The Times criticizes Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for his reluctance to take public stances on certain key issues. I believe a bit more balance is in order. ("Mayor Eric Garcetti's silence on L.A. issues helps no one," editorial, Feb. 26)

On issues of increasing the minimum wage, support for unaccompanied immigrant minor children, implementation of Obamacare for uninsured Angelenos, second chances for recovering felons, and leadership attention for young men of color, Garcetti has stood tall and assertively.

He is not at all shy on matters of social justice and equal opportunity for the marginalized and ignored in our society, and this deserved to be mentioned in your editorial. Some balance, please.

Robert K. Ross, Los Angeles

The writer is president and chief executive of the California Endowment.

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