Workers' comp misuse at the LAFD and LAPD

To the editor: The Times reports that two-thirds of Los Angeles firefighters and 60% of police officers filed an on-the-job injury claim in the last three years. The article also states that many "injuries" don't occur in the line of duty. Rather, they occur in peripheral activities such as sports. ("L.A. audits: Costly police, firefighter workers' comp claims avoidable," March 26)

According to a spokesman for the Los Angeles city controller's office, "the departments do an admirable job of preventing injuries in the line of fire," and "they need to focus on smaller, common and preventable injuries." Perhaps they need to focus on a workplace culture that allows or encourages the filing of such questionable claims.


I find it incredulous that police officers and firefighters would "scam the system" in this manner. After all, aren't they sworn to uphold the law and protect the public?

Paul Hooper, Diamond Bar


To the editor: The fact that Los Angeles spends millions on city employees who receive workers' compensation for questionable injuries is the direct, if not the sole, cause for the city's low voter turnout.

In other words, the public understands that the individuals for whom they are voting are essentially window dressing, and regardless of who runs a particular office, the public employees and their unions go on forever.

Nathaniel J. Friedman, Beverly Hills

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