My god vs. your god on drought and abortion

To the editor: Assemblywoman Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) evidently feels that her deity ("God") either rewards or punishes us all depending on whether our behavior comports with biblical dictates. Recently she even suggested that God had rewarded drought-ridden Texas with rainfall mere hours after the state's lawmakers passed an anti-abortion bill. ("Did Kern County legislator suggest link between God, state drought and abortion?," June 16)

Now, as Grove seeks to downplay her faith-based sentiments by parsing her verbatim statement, she should note that Texas lately has suffered epic flooding that has wreaked widespread death and devastation.

Why has this happened? It's because my god has felt the need to punish Texas. She will keep the rain coming until the state's lawmakers restore women's rights to exercise control over their own bodies.

Assemblywoman Grove's deity doesn't have a divine monopoly on abortion-rights issues.

Devra Mindell, Santa Monica

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