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Despite Scalia, California counts

To the editor: The portrayal of Justice Antonin Scalia's language as set forth by columnist Steve Lopez ( “Scalia discovers we are 10th circle of hell,” Column, June 27) seemed unbelievable, so I read the dissent on the Supreme Court website.

I have been a lawyer for more than 40 years and can still hardly believe what I read: a biased and personal attack on other justices, the use of invective while discounting the state of California, and a substitution of his personal opinion on democracy for the rule of law.

The state bar and the attorney general should file a complaint against Scalia, who should retire.

Michael H. Miller, Los Angeles


To the edtior: Scalia wrote regarding the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling that the court created “‘liberties' that the Constitution and its amendments neglect to mention.”

Ironically, that's exactly the impression many of us got when Scalia and his cohorts declared that corporations were persons and that money was speech.

Oh, sorry, I forgot, Scalia has a corner on what the literal meaning of the Constitution is.

Bryan Baker, Apple Valley, Calif.


To the editor: Conservatives — a.k.a. low-information voters, who obviously include the venerable Antonin “Jiggery-Pokery” Scalia — are bitterly beside themselves whenever President Obama succeeds.

Their holy grail is to stymie him at every opportunity. If Obama came out against a reasonable minimum wage, equal pay for women, infrastructure spending and limiting carbon dioxide emissions, the conservative block would suddenly champion these issues.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.? Well, blast George W. Bush: Who knew he could have appointed a Supreme Court justice who at times has proved fair-minded and thoughtful? The healthcare law lives — another outrage the

right wing must now swallow — but they are clearly continuing their holy war against all things Obama.

Wendy Blais, North Hills


To the editor: According to Scalia, “California does not count.” With that snotty quip, he effectively discounts millions of Americans. So much for equal justice for all under the law.

In my view, Lopez rightly labeled Scalia a “knuckle-dragger” — he's become an embarrassment, unfit to construe and apply the laws of this land.

Greg Gilbert, Cool, Calif.

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