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Don't out profligate water users. Make them pay -- a lot.

To the editor: I have a suggestion for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power regarding its intention to raise rates because so many have done more than their share to conserve water and, as a result, the DWP is losing revenue. ("Big water users, take note: DWP is considering outing you," Oct. 25)

According to the Oct. 25 article, a customer in Bel-Air is consuming more than 90 times that of an average household. Charge that customer and other similarly profligate users 90 times their monthly water bills, and give them six months to drop their usage by 80% before turning off their supply.

The DWP would collect millions of additional dollars every month, and it wouldn't have to raise rates for water-conserving customers. Then, I doubt anyone would care whether the big users are named.

Iku Kiriyama, Torrance


To the editor: Forget the shaming.

While the rest of us restrict flushing our toilets and allow our landscaping to die, these super-users waste millions of gallons of water every month. Turn off their water and force them to come to an agreement with the DWP.

These users don't care about the cost and can afford to pay the fines, whatever they may be.

For those average users who do not comply with the mandated water reductions, turn them off for 10 days a month until they do.

Rick Eaton, Santa Clarita

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