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An 'off' button for religious radio

To the editor: We nonbelievers should wish the Roman Catholic Church success in its venture with Immaculate Heart radio, a national endeavor that now extends to the local KHJ station. ("Catholic radio expands in L.A. with 93 KHJ," Nov. 24)

That doesn't mean we'll pray for divine intervention to fulfill hopes expressed by Los Angeles Archbishop Jose H. Gomez. But if, as Gomez hopes, the new station offers the church "unique opportunities to evangelize and to share the Gospel" with lapsed Catholics and nonbelievers, so much the better.

Religious adherents' increased use of communication technologies bodes well. The expanded reach of their faith should convince our courts that the faithful have sufficient opportunity to practice their religion without piously professing their beliefs through prayers at public meetings or recitation of "under God" in public schools.

Let's pray for the day when nonbelievers can escape the unwelcome airing of religious beliefs by simply hitting the "off" switch.

Gary Dolgin, Santa Monica

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