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Cosby needs to be candid with the public

To the editor: Long ago, I too took notice of Bill Cosby's sanctimony and at the time was somewhat incredulous to think that Cosby would have the nerve to lecture other comedians on profanity and vulgarity. Now with recent allegations of criminal improprieties, it's reasonable to wonder, what's up with Cosby? ("The real-life Bill Cosby show: Follow the sanctimony," Op-Ed, Nov. 26)

A century ago, Sigmund Freud identified such duplicity as an ego defense mechanism and labeled it reaction formation. He thought that the way to psychological healing was through making the unconscious conscious. It seems that the first step in that direction is unmitigated honesty.

Cosby should do the right thing and speak honestly to the public that has long adored him.

Ben Miles, Huntington Beach

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