Memo to Pope Francis: Catholic women do more than bear children

To the editor: Applause to Candida Moss and Joel Baden for calling out Pope Francis on his depiction of women as valuable only as child bearers. As a nun and justice advocate for almost 50 years, I praise the varied contributions of women religious who have led our world and church in education, healthcare and social services for those who live on the margins of society. ("Pope Francis' woman problem," Op-Ed, Dec. 7)

I hope and pray that Francis will soon acknowledge women "as being intrinsically and equally valuable; regardless of their familial role or fertility." That is a Post-Vatican II mantra that Francis needs to proclaim from St. Peter's chair.


Judy Molosky, Los Angeles


To the editor: Moss' and Baden's op-ed article was published on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

The Catholic Church celebrates the memory of the Virgin Mary being born without sin. Mary, a woman and solely a mother, is the second-most important and celebrated person in the church.

Hence, the pope is not denigrating women but only trying to remind the world once again that there is no greater role to be performed in the world than that of mother. This is not minimizing other roles that a woman performs but reemphasizing the importance of motherhood.

I personally respect no one more than my stay-at-home mom.

John Hennessy, Fountain Valley

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