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A welcome, and questions, for the visiting Mexican president

To the editor: The Mexican president addressed the California Legislature in Spanish and it was immediately translated into English. If I submit this letter in Spanish, it won’t be published; it will only be published in English.

The language of success and upward mobility in America is English. 
(Re “Mexican president on L.A. visit,” Aug. 26, and “Peña Nieto speaks to Legislature,” Aug. 27)
College exams are in English. Well-paying job applications are in English.

Politicians who pander to Spanish speakers with new laws to bring back bilingual education are only interested in votes to keep their jobs.

California citizens who speak English well will achieve success and upward mobility; those who do not will keep their sights on minimum-wage jobs.

My grandparents spoke only Spanish, my parents were bilingual and I speak both Spanish and English. My success would never have come without my ability to speak English.

Reject the politicians whose backward ideas will keep you only dreaming of success. Learn English.

Peter Corrigan, Arcadia


To the editor: With Gov. Jerry Brown’s declaration to the audience, while introducing the Mexican president, that “you’re all welcome in California,” he effectively declared that California is a sanctuary state. That’s an admission if there ever was one.

At least the Mexican president thanked state officials for measures that extend benefits and scholarships to immigrants.

Brown would have done well by asking for something in return, like the release of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

Kimberlyn Hearns, San Bernardino


To the editor: Of course the Mexican president would thank and praise California. Emigration is the solution to his failed economic policies at home.

Brown should send Enrique Peña Nieto a bill for the multitude of benefits we provide to illegal immigrants from Mexico.

Andrew Ko,  San Marino

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