Male victims: Shining light on 'often hidden social malady'

To the editor: I read your piece on abused male partners, husbands and fathers with pain in my heart.(“Sheltering Men From A Hidden Danger, “ Aug. 5)

My father — a gentle, quiet, man — was larger and stronger than my mother, but she abused him throughout their married life. I have memories of my father dodging plates as they crashed into the walls behind him. Verbal abuse was much more common with clenched-teeth-filled invectives aimed at him with venomous intent.

They stayed married for more than 50 miserable years. The effect on their children was not minimal. My sister never married. I was a “discipline problem” in school from elementary through high school. I was very guarded at home, walking on “eggshells,” lest I be the focus of her tirades.

Thanks for shining a light on an often hidden social malady that is vastly under-reported.

Marc Bresler, Encino

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