Can Vice President Mike Pence save America?

To the editor: I agree with Jonah Goldberg: An official in the Republican Party has to control President Trump, and it will have to be someone who can’t be fired, like Vice President Mike Pence. (“Dear Vice President Pence: What are you thinking?” Opinion, May 16)

My husband and I just returned from Europe, and although we agreed not to get involved in political discussions, we were constantly approached by Europeans who expressed fear of a president who acts impulsively and speaks without facts. It was clear that our actions in the United States affect the political climate of European nations.

Pence, I believe, genuinely cares about the state of the nation and is someone who is in a position to influence the president. I hope he finds the strength to do so.

Dolores Alpert, Irvine


To the editor: Granted, if Pence aspires to be elected the next president, his boss must render a successful tenure. Toward that end, Pence might help most, as Goldberg suggests, by threatening to resign if Trump doesn’t get his act together.

Goldberg may have a point. But he ignores a far easier and surer route for Pence to become president: Just keep giving Trump enough rope to hang himself. Once he’s impeached and out of office, Pence assumes the presidency.

Sometimes standing pat provides the most expeditious route to a desired destination.

Edward Alston, Santa Maria

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