Rude audiences, lighted cellphone screens and all the other reasons not to go to the movies

To the editor: You left out the primary reason many movie fans such as myself no longer enjoy the theater experience: rude audiences. (“Even with ‘Star Wars’ surge, moviegoing could hit 22-year low. Blame bad sequels, rising ticket prices and streaming,” Dec. 23)

I’d spend a lot more time and money at the movies if only other people would stop talking, whispering (yes, I can hear you eight rows away), bringing too-young children who babble and cry during the movie, flashing little lighted screens when they check their cellphones, and unwrapping snacks packaged in cellophane.

Marcie Geffner, Ventura


To the editor: There are reasons movie attendance is down: The movies are too long, the acting is wooden, the plots are predictable, and (especially in the Los Angeles area) there are so many better ways to spend one’s free time.

Daniel Fink, Beverly Hills

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