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Tom Steyer launches Spanish-language ads attacking Donald Trump

California billionaire Tom Steyer stars in a new Spanish-language television commercial attacking presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The advertisement, which Steyer's group NextGen Climate Action is airing statewide ahead of California's June 7 primary on Univision, Telemundo, and Spanish-language websites, features video clips of Trump calling immigrants from Mexico "rapists" and calling for a deportation force to send home those in the country illegally.

Steyer, who is considering a run for California governor in 2018, then appears onscreen and introduces himself in Spanish.

"We're all Californians," Steyer says. "Now it's time to raise the voice. Vote."

Earlier this year, Steyer announced a $25-million effort to register young voters ahead of the November election.

Steyer, whose activism has largely been focused on environmental issues in the past, has spent tens of millions of dollars in previous elections backing candidates who support boosting renewable energy and other efforts aimed at combating climate change.

He spent $74 million in 2014 alone, leading some to describe him as the Democratic equivalent of the Koch brothers.

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