Full coverage: Curiosity on Mars

Mars rover is a robot geologist with a lab in its belly

The Mars rover Curiosity has sophisticated tools to help answer the question: Did Mars ever sustain life — and could it today?

Mars rover finds chemical ingredients for life to have thrived

Mars once held the chemical ingredients for life to thrive, NASA's Curiosity rover finds as it drills into an ancient lake bed.

Curiosity's camera spies first asteroids seen from Martian surface

NASA Mars rover Curiosity uses Mast Camera to image first asteroids, Ceres and Vesta, from Martian surface, JPL says

Mars engineer did his best to trip up Curiosity rover

His purpose: To make sure the Mars Science Laboratory team was prepared to deal with space junk, lost signals and any other challenges he could think of to throw their way.

Curiosity rover sees signs of vanishing Martian atmosphere

Before going incommunicado behind the Sun for a month, NASA¿s Mars Curiosity rover sent Earth evidence that the Red Planet has lost much of its original atmosphere. The findings, announced by Jet Propulsion Laboratory, bolster the idea that the Martian atmosphere was once much thicker than it is today, less than a month after the rover drilled its first rock and found signs Mars was once hospitable to life. Curiosity¿s Sample Analysis at Mars instrument tasted a sample of Martian atmosphere and counted up the abundance of isotopes of argon in the air. The researchers looked at two isotopes of argon, the heavier argon-38 and the lighter argon-36. They found that while there was four times as much argon-36 as argon-38, this ratio wasn¿t nearly as much as expected, based on data from other parts of the solar system.

How much methane on Mars? Zero. Findings a setback in search for life

NASA's Curiosity rover has failed to detect methane on Mars, reducing the odds that there is life on Mars today.

Mars rover captures footage of double lunar eclipse

Cooler than a double rainbow, the dual moons of Mars cross paths as Curiosity snaps photos.

Curiosity discovers water in the dust that coats Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover shows Mars to be highly complex, with water-embedded dust and a mature, almost Earthlike, geology.

Curiosity spots Earth shining brightly in the Martian night sky

NASA's Curiosity rover turned its cameras to the skies and sent back this humbling image of the Earth and our moon.

Curiosity rover's 'Mars rat' shares origins with Man in the Moon

The Mars rat spotted by NASA Curiosity rover's Mast Camera is a rock, not a rodent, the product of pareidolia.

Curiosity sings 'Happy Birthday' to celebrate first year on Mars

NASA Curiosity rover's SAM instrument sings "Happy Birthday" on Mars.