Skunks cause a commotion at Dodger Stadium before game with Cardinals

About the only thing that currently stinks about the MLB-best St. Louis Cardinals sits at the extreme right of their visitor's dugout at Dodger Stadium, and it’s not one of the players.

Several hours before the first pitch Friday, multiple skunks were found in the camera well near the visitor’s dugout, underneath an elevated platform, as you can see in a tweet from Jim Hayes of Fox Sports Midwest. Exactly how many is unclear, with some reports saying four, but anyone who wants to check is welcome.

The area was immediately cordoned off. No one was sprayed by the skunks.

An Animal Control employee tried to lure the skunks out and capture them, but to no avail. With an hour remaining until game time, the employee recommended the skunks be left where they are for the contest, and photographers returned to the well.

A skunk was spotted on the right field warning track after Thursday night's game, according to a tweet from Eric Stephen.