Memphis defeats UCLA, 48-45

Riley Ferguson's sixth touchdown is the difference as Tigers win high-scoring affair in Memphis, Tenn.

J.J. Molson's 33-yard field goal gives UCLA a 10-7 lead over Memphis

UCLA put together another solid drive but had to settle for J.J. Molson's 33-yard field goal after Josh Rosen's third-down pass fell incomplete. UCLA now holds a 10-7 lead over Memphis early in the second quarter.

There were some oddities on the drive, including offsetting penalties after Rosen was called for intentional grounding and UCLA challenged that Memphis had 12 men on the field on the play. Officials reviewed the play and concurred, negating the intentional grounding call.

UCLA is showing some variety on offense, with spread and heavy packages early in this game. The Bruins seem to be finding their groove a bit, especially on defense.

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