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Second Quarter:

  • USC WR Deontay Burnett catches a 15-yard touchdown pass (USC 7, Texas 0)
  • Texas S DeShon Elliott returns an interception 38 yards for a TD (USC 7, Texas 7)
  • USC RB Ronald Jones II scores on a 56-yard catch-and-run (USC 14, Texas 7)

Third Quarter:

  • Texas scores on 39 FG by Joshua Rowland (USC 14, Texas 10)

Fourth Quarter:

  • Texas WR Armanti Foreman catches a 17-yard pass for a TD (Texas 17, USC 14)
  • USC scores on 31 FG by Chase McGrath (USC 17, Texas 17)

First Overtime

  • USC WR Deontay Burnett catches a 25-yard pass for a TD (USC 24, Texas 17)
  • Texas TE Cade Brewer catches a three-yard pass for a TD (USC 24, Texas 24)

Second Overtime

  • USC K Chase McGrath makes a 43-yard FG (USC 27, Texas 24)

        Half a century ago, a letter from the Duke

        Here's a bit of USC-Texas history: In 1966, USC played at Texas, and USC's coach, John McKay, allowed a special guest to give the pre-game pep talk. The guest was a former USC football player.

        His name was John Wayne.

        USC won that game 10-6 and a week later, McKay received a letter from Wayne, who by then was filming the movie "The War Wagon."

        That letter, courtesy of McKay's son, J.K. McKay, is pictured below. It hangs in USC's football facilities. That part that's tough to make out with the glare? It reads:

        I think the Texas bunch were good losers, but tell the squad we don't care whether their opponents are good losers or bad losers as long as they lose.

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