Watch Andy Reid compare his eating skills to Peyton Manning's as a QB

Peyton Manning is to the football field as Andy Reid is to the ________?

OK, I know it's still pretty early here on the West Coast, but let's see if you still have any SAT skills left.

Was your answer "sideline?" Sorry, that's incorrect, but a nice try. It probably would have been one of the choices listed to throw us off if we really were taking a standardized test.


Sure, Reid has had tremendous success as an NFL coach, with the Philadelphia Eagles and currently with the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. But he probably isn't among the handful of people you'd say were the very best ever at his profession like Manning is among quarterbacks.


Keep trying. You have an inkling, don't you? But you're too nice to say it. Go ahead. It's OK -- Reid's actually the one who came up with the analogy.

The correct answer -- again, coming from Reid himself -- is "buffet."

Days before the Chiefs are set to face Manning and the Denver Broncos in a crucial AFC West matchup, Reid was asked at a press conference about the four-time MVP quarterback, who is leading the league with 3,249 passing yards and 33 touchdown passes.

He came up with a self-depreciating -- and very funny -- answer.

"I would tell you he's talented. There's talent there. You and I could do this at a buffet, but he does it on the football field," Reid said. "There's some athletic ability that takes place there. He's got that figured out."

Check it out in the video above (starting at around the 6:45 mark).